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About Us

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So Much More Than A Sample Box

Grassed.Roots was developed by three cannabis industry ladies (Tierra, Natosha, and Kiera) who saw a gap in the education and quality of CBD being circulated. We believe CBD can help so many people in so many ways, and we hated to see the industry becoming convoluted and confusing. So we decided to do something about it and created Grassed.Roots!

We teamed up with the best brands out there, creating highly vetted sample boxes to provide a gateway into the world of CBD to our customers.

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Meet The Queens of the Grassed.Roots Movement



After experiencing a botched epidural in 2011 during the birth of my second child, I obsessed over a natural remedy for the intense pain I felt throughout the day that left me unable to hold my newborn son.  I didn't want to start on the regime of highly addicting pills prescribed to me so I turned to cannabis; however, I preferred a solution that was non-psychoactive (or close to it)  and stumbled upon CBD.  My life literally changed overnight with my pain now manageable but it shocked me at how few people knew about CBD!  In my quest to bring more awareness to others about the impact CBD had on my life, I shifted 15 years of prior entrepreneurial endeavors and launched a CBD company in 2017 that took me on a path to meet Kiera & Nina...and the rest is herstory!


My name is Natosha Hill but I often go by Nina. I've spent most of my life on the move and have lived in various states and cities. In hindsight, this had helped me to become a highly adaptable and well-rounded human. I have been an activist and entrepreneur in the CBD/Cannabis industry for a combination of 13 years. I am passionate about holistic health and wholeheartedly believe in the natural remedies that hemp and marijuana plants provide. Cannabis has helped me and my loved ones in many aspects of mental and physical well being. It has been my mission to educate and empower people with one of nature's best medicines! 


I've always been passionate about natural health options and the healing power of plants, and have been in the CBD and cannabis industry since it became an official industry. My personal experience with managing chronic illness has led me on a winding road including everything from daily smoothies of fresh cannabis leaves to a finely tuned CBD regimen. As both a marketing leader and freelance consultant, I've helped multiple CBD brands emerge and grow into multi-million dollar businesses (something I never thought I would do!) and worked to change our cultural norms around cannabis, health & beauty along the way. Erasing stigma around CBD and cannabis for mental health support is a personal passion, and I TRULY believe the community-driven ethic of the industry holds its greatest promise. Grassed.Roots is the culmination of my journey with this plant- bringing education, support, and the chance to explore the best CBD out there to all who can benefit.  



Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the public about CBD while providing extremely high-quality product samples so our customers can find what works for them.

We believe that we all have different needs- the best way to find the product that will work best for you is to try! Our subscription box is highly curated to take the guesswork out of your search for the best product for your needs.

With Grassed.Roots, you will always get in-depth CBD and health education, assurance that each sample comes from a safe, third party verified and highly vetted company, and personalized support and information so that CBD will actually work for you. 




Delivered monthly with different products.

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